Letters of Recommendation

In general, I am happy to write letters of recommendation for undergraduate and graduate students when my professional evaluation will be a helpful and appropriate contribution to an application. For this to be the case, students should either have taken or be currently enrolled in one of my courses. I  may, however, determine that I am not an appropriate recommender if, for example, I cannot properly evaluate the applicant for a program or position in a field completely beyond by expertise or if I feel the applicant would be better served by seeking a different letter writer.

If you would like to ask me for a letter of recommendation here is what you need to do.

1. Contact me via email, office hours, or in class four to six weeks ahead of the letter’s due date.
2. Prepare the following to give me:

  • Information about the position/internship/program/job  you are applying for.
  • An explanation of why you want this opportunity and think you are fit for it.
  • A cv or resume.
  •  Copies of relevant coursework you produced for my class.
  • The due date and instructions for submitting the letter.

PhD Minor in Print Culture History

I direct the PhD minor in Print Culture History. All PhD students at UW-Madison must complete a PhD minor, and those interested in book history, print culture, media studies, and other fields may find the methodologies, topics, and faculty associated with our minor appropriate for their scholarly development. If you are interested in pursuing the Print Culture History PhD minor please contact me and we will work out a plan for completing the minor that makes sense for your research development.

MA Advisees

As part of my work for the School of Library and Information Studies at UW-Madison, I have a number of official advisees who are students in the MA program. If you are assigned to me we will meet at least once a semester during your time in the program. When advising week rolls around each semester you will receive an email from me with instructions for signing up for an appointment. If you are assigned to another advisor but think you’d like to be my advisee, please contact me to discuss the possibility.

PhD Committees

I am available to serve on PhD committees of students researching print culture and the history of the book; early and nineteenth-century American literature, culture, and history; materiality and materialisms; digital studies; and related fields.